Dapper Meets Dashiki

This colorful, printed, oversized garment was used in place of protesting against society's mistreatment of African Americans in the 1960's. The dashiki was also a form of rebellion in relation to the current mens fashion trends. Over fifty years later, in the era of trends these ornate garments are still popular and of high demand for both males and females. Jordan Yebe, owner of Dashiki Takeover, says "I feel like I've given people an opportunity to be unique through my dashikis" He has worked tremendously to paint the world with dashikis through a campaign method. Jordan's newest campaign is titled "Dapper Meets Dashiki" This campaign is an effort to bridge the trends of today with those of the historical garments introduced in the sixties. Jordan's overall goal is to simply prove that the two powerful looks are even more powerful when combined. 



Shirt - Jordan Yebe

Suit - H&M

Shoes - Benter Italia

Watch - Kenneth Cole

Belt - Lacoste


Photographer & Cinematographer : Dehvawn

Post Author : Rashad Sherman